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PTA Meetings in September


pta meeting

PTA Meetings in September

  •  07.09.2017 — 1.grd., 2.grd., 5.grd., 10.grd. — @ 18.00
  • 11.09.2017 — 4.grd., 6.grd., 8.grd., 11.grd., 12grd. — @ 18.00
  • 12.09.2017 — 3.grd., 7.grd., 9.grd. — @ 18.00

Back to school! New study year starts on Friday, September 1st

rkg-1-septThe grand opening of the new school year will take place at the gymnasium stadium. The beginning — at 11.00.

  • Grades 2-12 are going to the stadium at the beginning.
  • 1st graders are meeting on the track between the stadium and the central entrance (along the gymnasium).
  • The event will last up to 40 minutes and will end with the general photography of the gymnasium. After this, the first-graders, accompanied by twelve classmates, go to the gymnasium for the first hour of class.

The exhibition of handicrafts made of natural materials «RUDENS FANTĀZIJA»


The exhibition of handicrafts made of natural materials «RUDENS FANTĀZIJA» was held in Riga Classical gymnasium from 3 to 7 October. The exhibition was attended by 2nd form students. Variety of materials that have been used for the handicrafts is huge. Students made their crafts from pumpkin, grapes, carrots, zucchini and potatoes, as well as tree cones, chestnuts, tree branches and leaves. Children demonstrated their creativity and enthusiasm.

Everyone is invited to visit the exhibition (on the 1st floor of the primary school) and feel the atmosphere of The Autumn Fantasy! Thanks to all participants: students, teachers and parents! Big thanks to the 2nd form teachers Ņina Lekse and Anželika Bākule for organizing the exhibition!

text by Anastasija Yavorska, Science teacher