Participation in the Fourth International UN Assembly Model Simulation in Tallinn

Our students Marija Ermane, Rolands Dzenis and Dmitrijs Nesterovich participated in the Fourth International UN Assembly Model Simulation in Tallinn on 28 – 30 March 2014. Our delegation was the only representatives from Latvia. This great event was organized by UNESCO Estonia. We are thankful for hospitality and excellent organization of this activity to the Coordinator of Education Programs of Estonian National Commission for UNESCO Hanna-Liis Kaarlop-Nani.

Our Latvian delegation was assigned to represent ISRAEL, and our students felt their responsibility and worked in the Human Rights Commission focusing on the topic of Syrian refugees.

Before the trip to Tallinn there were some assignments which should have been done by our students such as a video about Israel. The students had to gather information about the country and make a short video to illustrate their findings about Israel and its foreign policy, interests and the main cooperation partners. Besides that, it was expected that the students would act in the video as the country’s delegates and had to present themselves in character. Secondly, our students updated themselves about their commission’s discussion topics and summaries in essays. So to cut a long story short, Marija, Rolands and Dmitrijs have done a lot of work to prepare themselves for this event in Tallinn.

The first day in Tallinn was dedicated to getting to know each other and countries represented. There were more than eighty participants who represented more than twenty countries. There were organized so many interesting activities during the first day such as mock-sessions, a committee working session, meeting with experts. The evening program was organized by Pae Gymnasium where all the participants were preparing for the UN General Assembly. The evening program continued with presenting National Cuisines, one-man theater performed by Uku Talmar and Resource Game. The first day finished with preparation of welcoming speeches. Maria was the person who prepared a welcoming speech from our delegation.

The second day began with welcoming speeches from all the countries which were represented at UN Simulation. The whole day long the participants were mainly focused on work in three different commissions. The day finished in the Baltic Film and Media School. There was a meeting with Georgian Embassy’s Senior Counsellor Tamara Mikaberidze there. Finally, the film “Mandarins” was shown.

The third day our students spent in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia taking part in UN General Simulation Assembly. The exact agenda of the simulation was Disarmament and International Security, World Health Systems, Human Rights, Challenges of Youth 2014, Syrian refugees. There were real debates and refutation. The participants approved resolutions on the questions which had been discussed.

Marija, Rolands and Dmitrijs have had some rewards and prizes for active participation, but the most important result is their experience and will to organize a similar event in our gymnasium in the future.

Inna Pivovare
English Teacher
Organizer and Consultant of the Trip