More than just children games. Holocaust children: Works and games

Exhibition called „More than just children games. Holocaust children: Works and games” was held in Riga Classical Gymnasium from 07.04.14 to 25.04.14. The exhibition was visited by students from 6th to 12th class (25 classes in general).

The goal of the exhibition: To deepen students’ knowledge about the tragedy of Holocaust. It contains of 17 plane-tables (texts, photos, artefacts), two documental movies and the duplicate of the game „Monopoly”.

Holocaust has changed lives of jewish children from different European countries. Their childhood has suddenly ended and they were in charge to solve all their problems by themselves – starting with hunger and finishing with fear. They were replacing grown-ups by carrying out their commitments. This exhibition is showing us childrens’ everyday fight for  the survival and the right to save their childhood.

In the times of the Holocaust toys were reminding jewish children of their happy times before their lives have been broken, it was the connection with their past. Drawings usually are windows to the child’s inward life, that opens up his feelings and dreams. Children illustrations usually show us the way they perceive outward things. On the one hand, Holocaust children were trying to save their memories, but on the other – to fight against the changing reality.


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Photo: Danila Gerasimovs 8th form.

Aelita Komsa