Public Speaking Competition

Public Speaking Competitions on different themes take place regularly at our gymnasium.

On 16 October 2014 we had a traditional Public Speaking Contest among 10-12 students on the theme “If I were the Headmaster.” in English, German, French and Latvian. Fourteen students took part in the competition, but the majority of the students spoke in English. Each of the participants prepared a 3−minute speech on the theme, after which additional questions were asked.

The jury noted a high level of knowledge, a professional approach to public speaking and a keen interest in issues of the speech in the students’ performance. They awarded the following students:

1 place- Ariadna Kramkovska Form 11(English)

2 place- Karolīna Laganovska Form 11( English and German)

3 place- Snežana Zaļevska Form 12 ( English)

Congratulations to all participants, supporters and contributors for an exceptional standard. All the students worked very hard and tackled topics relevant to them, in addition to posing interesting questions and making persuasive arguments about their subject choice. We look forward to seeing you in December 2014.