Erasmus+ Project “Peace is Possible”. Germany – Austria – Latvia – Sweden – France


In December 2016 the sequent scheduled meeting of the project’s partners took place in GUC Uppsala School, Sweden. A big, comfortable and perfectly equipped GUC Uppsala school supported the participants of “Peace is Possible” with its studios, rooms  and halls within 5 days.

The participants of this stage of the project were the following students of Riga Classical Gymnasium:

  • Sofia Stankevich – Form 9
  • Anna Shalashova – Form 10
  • Nika Nikol Ragauskaite – Form 10
  • Liana Khomiakova – Form10
  • Jelena Shtefane – Form 10
  • Jelizaveta Vasilevska – Form 11

Having arrived in Uppsala our students were kindly accommodated by host families which provided friendly reception and family atmosphere as well as a perfect possibility to practice the English language during the whole stay in Uppsala. The programme of Uppsala meeting was very intense. All the activities of the project “Peace is Possible” have been planned according to two main directions: “Peace Studies” and “Peace Making”. Following the ”Peace Studies” direction, all the participants of the project visited the Peace Museum in Uppsala. In the museum, working in creative international teams, the students were studying information about world-famous peacemakers and participating in workshops dedicated to solving human rights problems.

Following the „Peace Making” direction the students were actively working out the script for the advertising video, staging a Flash Mob dance and composing music for the final film.

Producing and conducting a talk show with people who experienced and witnessed the war in their lives became a true challenge for the students. The guests invited to the talk show were refugees and immigrants who were also the students of GUC Uppsala School. They were young people from Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq. It was not so easy to persuade them to share their life experience, their thoughts as well as to make them speak honestly and explicitly about the current situation in Europe. However, the result exceeded all expectations. This is what the participants of the project said afterwards, “We have reached a new and a higher level of understanding what the peace means. Peace is not only the absence of war. Peace is the opportunity to work, to get good education and proper medical service. Peace is the absence of any kind of discrimination!”

Five days in Uppsala passed quickly but the participants of the project managed gain a colossal experience of international communication. Furthermore, during the entire meeting fantastic and creative atmosphere prevailed, and largely due to it we solved rather complex objectives of the project successfully.

We are grateful to all our partners for fruitful cooperation and are looking forward to the final stage of the project which will take place in France, in March 2017.